Guidelines regarding the poster session

A) Poster dimensions: 36" wide by 48" height (3'x4' vertical orientation)

B) Set up time: Thursday November 8th at 3:00PM

C) Take down: Thursday November 8th at 7:30PM

D) Judges will visit posters starting at 5:45PM

E) Poster competition: each poster will be visited by three (3) judges.

The judging categories are
i) Author presentation (short pitch, no longer than 1min)
ii) Poster content
iii) Poster appearance
iv) Poster originality.

Three winners will receive plaques, please notice that only students can participate in the poster competition.

Below are some links that could help you to get ready for the poster competition.

Poster preparation

Note: The second link (pdf) was prepared for a meeting, and SNO poster dimensions are different. Omit this information.