SNO Workshop VII
Fluid Flow at the Nanoscale: From Fundamentals to Commercialization

A workshop bridging fundamentals of flow at the smallest scales, its engineering, and its application and commercialization for water purification and other applications.

Thursday, November 10, 2022 – Austin, Texas

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Fluid flow at the nano-scale governs many natural processes and is also behind engineering of novel treatment systems, like porous separation membranes. Sustainable biological processes are dependent on permeability and a high degree of molecular/ionic selectivity at the membrane level. Such membrane protein channels can be studied, understood, and then engineered to achieve selective and low-energy separation of ions/contaminants. In addition to natural membrane processes, sustainable separations are also dependent on nano-scale flows.

This workshop focuses on transport through such nano-scale channels. It will bring together researchers with expertise in: (i) nano-scale transport, (ii) desalination, (iii) biomaterials (e.g., proteins, aquaporins) for separation, (iv) molecular dynamic simulation, (v) novel experimental studies, and will also be of interest to trainees and various nanotechnology and environmental sustainability stakeholders. The workshop will be held in conjunction and co-located with the national 11th annual meeting of the Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization (SNO), which begins the next day, to create synergies for both functions through sharing of facilities, advertising, and participants.

We are planning an innovative, hybrid event that combines brainstorming among multidisciplinary experts to define the field, but with tutorial content designed to inspire and educate young researchers. We will report the key workshop findings through a plenary lecture at the main SNO meeting for the assembled group, including those that could not attend the workshop due to space limitations.