Student participants,
Speak for 100 seconds and win cash awards!

Sat. November 12, 2022 Evening

Register by November 11 (2:00 PM) at the SNO Registration Desk
(Limited participants only)

The Framework: Pitch a problem or opportunity connected with your sustainable nanotechnology research in a clear, compelling manner in 100 seconds. 

You should address:

  1. Problem or opportunity addressed (What is the real-life problem)
  2. Proposed solution(s) (How does your work/approach solve the problem in a unique way?)
  3. Potential impacts (What will be the impact/s of your research if you are successful?)

Prepare one PowerPoint slide (No animation) and use it during your presentation – please bring it in a flash drive. The slide must have a title for the pitch and presenter's name.  (Tips: Your pitch will be judged using a rubric with points for (1) Problem Statement, (2) Proposed Solution/s, (3) Boarder Impacts, (4) Slide Design, and (5) Poise/Style. While humor is encouraged (but not necessary), your pitch should primarily try to convince the audience that your research (on sustainable nanotechnology) is important to solve a problem(s) and it has immense broader impacts.


  1. Teach students to be concise and persuasive
  2. Stress importance of oral communication and public speaking
  3. Stimulate students to think about the bigger picture and application areas
  4. Stimulate good performance under pressure
  5. Stimulate a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship
  6. Empower students to lead

Who can Join?: Students involved in sustainable nanotechnology research

How to Join?: Sign-up at the registration desk on November 11, 2022 by 2:00 PM. Only limited number of students will participate (number to be decided by the organizers) – the sooner you sign up, the better (first come, first serve!!).

Are You a Shortlisted Pitcher?: Please check back at the registration desk at ~5:00 PM whether you are among the shortlisted participants

When and Where?: Sat, November 12, 2022 after dinner (exact time and room will  be announced later)

Award Announcement: November 13, 2022 at 8:30 AM