2012 SNO Conference Papers

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The new journal ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering published on July 1st (Web) the special issue "Sustainability and Nanotechnology" that contains 18 papers of selected work presented during the 2012 Sustainable Nanotechnology Conference. Three papers address application of nanotechnology to current environmental issues. Four papers address implications to nanotechnology in the environment. Another two papers are focus on nanotechnology uses in energy applications. Seven articles address the issue of benign synthesis of nanomaterial. Finally, the issue contains a review on nanosensors for heavy metal detection and a discussion of governance systems for sustainable nanomaterial.

Sustainability and Nanotechnology
ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 2013, 1 (7) pages 685-857
Publication Date (Web): July 1, 2013

Table of Contents

Sustainability and Nanotechnology (Editorial) Barbara Karn and Omowunmi Sadik pp 685–685

Direct and Indirect Toxic Effects of Engineered Nanoparticles on Algae: Role of Natural Organic Matter (Perspective). Antonietta Quigg, Wei-Chun Chin, Chi-Shuo Chen, Saijin Zhang, Yuelu Jiang, Ai-Jun Miao, Kathleen A. Schwehr, Chen Xu, and Peter H. Santschi. pp 686–702

Greener Techniques for the Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Plant Extracts, Enzymes, Bacteria, Biodegradable Polymers, and Microwaves (Perpective). Deepika Hebbalalu, Jacob Lalley, Mallikarjuna N. Nadagouda, and Rajender S. Varma. pp 703–712

Nanostructured Sensors for Detection of Heavy Metals: A Review (Feature).Ming Li, Honglei Gou, Israa Al-Ogaidi, and Nianqiang Wu. pp 713–723

Sustainable Nanomaterials: Emerging Governance Systems (Features). Lynn L. Bergeson. pp 724–730

Magnetic Nanoparticle Adsorbents for Emerging Organic Contaminants (Research Article). Yuxiong Huang and Arturo A. Keller. pp 731–736

Laboratory Investigation into the Effect of Silver Application on the Bacterial Removal Efficacy of Filter Material for Use on Locally Produced Ceramic Water Filters for Household Drinking Water Treatment (Research Article) Justine Rayner, Hongyin Zhang, Jesse Schubert, Pat Lennon, Daniele Lantagne, and Vinka Oyanedel-Craver. pp 737–745

Hierarchical Carbon Nanotube Membrane-Supported Gold Nanoparticles for Rapid Catalytic Reduction of p-Nitrophenol (Research Article). Haitao Wang, Zhuxin Dong, and Chongzheng Na . pp 746–752

“Green” Synthesized and Coated Nanosilver Alters the Membrane Permeability of Barrier (Intestinal, Brain Endothelial) Cells and Stimulates Oxidative Stress Pathways in Neurons (Research Article). Babita Baruwati, Steven O. Simmons, Rajendar S. Varma, and Bellina Veronesi. pp 753–759

Effects, Uptake, and Depuration Kinetics of Silver Oxide and Copper Oxide Nanoparticles in a Marine Deposit Feeder, Macoma balthica (Research Article). Lina Dai, Kristian Syberg, Gary T. Banta, Henriette Selck, and Valery E. Forbes. pp 760–767

Physiological and Molecular Response of Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) to Nanoparticle Cerium and Indium Oxide Exposure (Research Article). Chuanxin Ma, Sudesh Chhikara, Baoshan Xing, Craig Musante, Jason C. White, and Om Parkash Dhankher. pp 768–778

Nanotechnology in Solar and Biofuels(Research Article). Hema Ramsurn and Ram B. Gupta. pp 779–797

Improved Photoelectrical Performance of Single-Crystal TiO2 Nanorod Arrays by Surface Sensitization with Copper Quantum Dots (Research Article). Qiong Sun, Yang Li, Xianmiao Sun, and Lifeng Dong. pp 798–804

Magnetic Silica-Supported Ruthenium Nanoparticles: An Efficient Catalyst for Transfer Hydrogenation of Carbonyl Compounds (Research Article).R. B. Nasir Baig and Rajender S. Varma. pp 805–809

Green Synthesis of Noble Nanometals (Au, Pt, Pd) Using Glycerol under Microwave Irradiation Conditions (Research Article).Jiahui Kou, Christina Bennett-Stamper, and Rajender S. Varma. pp 810–816

Synthesis of NOM-Capped Silver Nanoparticles: Size, Morphology, Stability, and NOM Binding Characteristics (Research Article). Susan A. Cumberland and Jamie R. Lead. pp 817–825

Synthesis and Enhanced Colloidal Stability of Cationic Gold Nanoparticles using Polyethyleneimine and Carbon Dioxide (Research Article).Fiaz S. Mohammed, Scott R. Cole, and Christopher L. Kitchens pp 826–832

Adsorption of a Protein Monolayer via Hydrophobic Interactions Prevents Nanoparticle Aggregation under Harsh Environmental Conditions. (Research Article).Sergio Dominguez-Medina, Jan Blankenburg, Jana Olson, Christy F. Landes, and Stephan Link. pp 833–842

Safer Formulation Concept for Flame-Generated Engineered Nanomaterials (Research Article). Samuel Gass, Joel M. Cohen, Georgios Pyrgiotakis, Georgios A. Sotiriou, Sotiris E. Pratsinis, and Philip Demokritou. pp 843–857

New Professional Society Launched for Nanotechnology
and Sustainability

Nanotechnology has a window of opportunity to aid in the sustainability of the planet. A group of scientists and engineers has recognized this remarkable chance to raise up a sustainable industry while helping sustain the environment, economy and society. The Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization (SNO) promotes research, education, and responsibility to fulfill its mission.

The first meeting, November 4-6, 2012, in Washington DC features plenaries by Prof. Andre Nel and National Nanotechnology Initiative founding father, Mihail (Mike) Roco and over 100 individual presentations. Topics at the meeting include nano-enabled sustainable energy, benign synthesis of nanomaterials, toxicological effects of nanomaterials, legal and policy aspects of nanotechnology, nanomedicine, and many more.