2015 SNO Conference Program Overview

Tuesday, November 10, 2015
Plenaries V and VI (Mayfair Ballroom)
8:30 Nanoenabled Water Treatment Technologies Paul Westerhoff Arizona State University/NEWT
9:15 Nanotechnology Supply Chains: A Framework for Evaluating Their Global Implications Faye Duchin Rensselear Polytechnic Institute
10:00 BREAK        
Session 5B Food and Agricultural Systems (Cambridge/Oxford Room) Session Chair: Jason White
Time Title Speaker Institution Co-Author Co-Author
10:30 Effects of ZnO NPs on spinach and wheat Marinus L. Otte North Dakota State University Donna L. Jacob Hannah (Passolt) Erdmann
10:50 ZnO-nanoparticles induce changes in the expression of genes associated with stress responses in spinach (Spinacia oleracea) Achintya Bezbaruah North Dakota State University Padmapriya Swaminathan Donna Jacob
11:10 Differential Impact of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles and Bulk Cerium Oxide on Brassica rapa Xingmao Ma Texas A& M University Qiang Wang  
11:30 Comparison of citric acid coated and uncoated nanoceria with other ceria compounds and their impact on tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) plants grown in organic soil Ana C. Barrios University of Texas at El Paso Cyren M. Rico Illya Aidee Medina-Velo
11:50 Nanoparticles of copper oxides improve growth of eggplant in disease infested soils  Wade Elmer Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station Jason White  
12:10 Can Nanotechnology Based Formulations Affect Pesticide Exposure to Honey Bees? Louisa Hooven Oregon State University    
12:30 Impact of NanoCu on Cucumber plants Lijuan Zhao University of California, Santa Barbara Yuxiong Huang Jerry Hu
12:50 LUNCH*        
Session 5C Environmental/Biological Systems (Parliament Room) Session Chair: Dionysios Dionysiou
Time Title Speaker Institution Co-Author Co-Author
10:30 Aggregation and Transport of Metal-Carbonaceous Nanotube Nanohybrids in Environmentally Relevant Conditions Navid Saleh University of Texa, Austin Dipesh Das Nirupam Aich
10:50 Assessing the Influence of Surface Coatings on the Fate of Engineered Nanomaterials within Aquatic Environments Mark Surette Oregon State University Aubrey Dondick Jeffrey Nason
11:10 Identifying the Effects of Size and Shape on the Physicochemical Properties of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles Christopher M. Sims National Institute of Standards and Technology Vincent A. Hackley Bryant C. Nelson
11:30 Minimizing nanoparticle behavior variability: sources and best practices D. R. Baer Pacific Northwest National Laboratory B. D. Thrall  
11:50 Gold nanoprobe-based detection of antibiotic resistance genes in treated wastewater effluent Maria Virginia Riquelme Virginia Tech Peter Vikesland Amy Pruden
12:10 Field Deployable Chemical Redox Probe for Quantitative Characterization of Carboxymethylcellulose Modified Nano Zerovalent Iron Paul Tratnyek Oregon Health and Science University Fan Dimin Rick Johnson
12:30 Monitoring a nitrifying biofilm using a graphene biotransistor Lewis Semprini Oregon State University Ethan Minot Morgan Brown
12:50 LUNCH*        
Session 6A Environmental/Biological Systems (Parliament Room) Session Chair: Alison Elder
Time Title Speaker Institution Co-Author Co-Author
1:30 Environmental Emission Concern from Synthesizing Advanced Nanomaterials Candace Tsai University of Rochester    
1:50 Implications of in-vitro dosimetry on toxicological ranking of low aspect ratio engineered nanomaterials Dhimiter Bello Umass Lowell Anoop K. Pal Philip Demokritou
2:10 Implications of biocorona formation on protein function and cellular responses to engineered nanomaterials Jared Brown University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Jonathan Shannahan Ramakrishna Podila
2:30 Engineered Nanomaterials and Human Health: Bridging Knowledge Gaps to Ensure Sustainability Alison Elder Purdue University Jay Beltz Arthur Dysart
2:50 Cytotoxicity of ZnO nanoparticles varies with synthesis methods and physicochemical properties Catherine Anders Boise State University Denise Wingett Georgios A. Sotiriou
3:10 Mechanisms of Cu toxicity to eukaryotic cells Krassimira Hristova Marquette University Michael Mashock  
3:30 High Throughput Optofluidic Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) Interrogation: Proof of Concept via Lectin Detection of Cancerous Cells Marjorie Wilner Virginia Tech Peter Vikesland  
3:50 Session Ends        
Session 6B Education Systems (Cambridge/Oxford Room) Session Chair: Deb Newberry
Time Title Speaker Institution Co-Author Co-Author
1:30 Inclusion of Sustainability Aspects in Undergraduate Education Programs Deb Newberry DCTC/Nano-Link    
1:50 Institutionalizing Nanotechnology in the Academy Barbara Karn SNO    
2:10 Curriculum Development for In-Situ Remediation Techniques using Sustainable Nanotechnology Bojeong Kim Temple Universtiy Stephanie L. Wunder Stephen P. Peterson
2:30 Sustainable Nanotechnology and Education: a European View Claire AUPLAT Novancia Business School Paris Sonia BEN SLIMANE Anna GLASER
2:50 Integrating Nano-scale Principles with Social and Ethical Aspects of Nanotechnology Navid Saleh University of Texas, Austin Mary Jo Kirisits Michael Gorman
3:10 Session Ends
Session 6C Modeling Nanomaterial Fate and Effects (Mayfair Ballroom) Session Chair: Greg Lowry and Liz Casman
Time Title Speaker Institution Co-Author Co-Author
1:30 Models for Nanomaterial Fate and Effects: The path forward Greg Lowry Carnegie Mellon University Liz Casman Amy Dale
1:50 What do we need to create good models for the development of sustainable nanotechnology? Antonia Praetorius University of Vienna Frank von der Kammer Thilo Hofmann
2:10 A Multiscale, Interdisciplinary Approach to Understanding Nanomaterial-Surface Interactions and Environmental Transport Nicholas Geitner Duke University Mark Wiesner  
2:30 Insights from a spatially and temporally resolved model of engineered nanoparticle fate in a freshwater watershed Amy Dale Carnegie Mellon University Liz Casman Greg Lowry
2:50 Advanced computational modeling for in vitro nanomaterial dosimetry Phil Demokritou Harvard University Glen M. DeLoid Georgios Pyrgiotakis
3:10 Life Cycle Assessment Improves Metal Nanoparticle Embedded Anion Exchange Sorbent for Sustainable Drinking Water Treatment Mac Gifford ASU Paul Westerhoff Kiril Hristovski
3:30 Session Ends