A call for abstracts will start on January 10, 2020
Abstract submission deadline extended until August 1, 2020.


You may participate in platform and poster presentations, symposia, and plenary lectures that highlight the latest advances in sustainable nanotechnology, occupational health and safety of nanotechnology! The 9th NANO Conference will include 15 different topic areas, combining topics from both NanoEHS and SNO. Please review the program for more details.   

Submitted papers should report studies included in the list of the topic areas covered by the 9th NANO CONFERENCE. The 14 program content areas are:

  • Green/advanced synthetic materials and manufacturing
  • Nanomedicine, nanodrugs, pharmaceutical and medical applications
  • Nanotoxicology and Human Health Risk Assessment
  • Eco-toxicology
  • Occupational and environmental exposure assessment
  • Global challenges
  • Sustainable water treatment and remediation
  • Fate and transport
  • Sustainable food and agriculture
  • Sustainability and Energy
  • Devices and sensors
  • Epidemiology
  • Education panel
  • Regulation and policy
  • One additional session will be a dedicated tribute to Vicki Grassian. Abstracts will be gathered by invitation only.

Abstracts must be limited to 250 words or less.

When you submit your abstract, you will be asked whether your wish to be considered for an oral presentation, a Poster, or both.

In addition, the applicants will be asked to write a short paragraph on how their research fits into sustainability or occupational health.

All authors will be notified via email of abstract status on Tuesday, March 31, 2020.


Poster Session

There will be a poster session held concurrently with the oral presentations, and a designated poster presentation reception period on Day 1. Approximately 100 posters will be accepted for presentation. Posters will be posted the morning of October 4 and remain up until the evening of October 5. A Poster Reception Session, where the posters will be presented by the authors, will be held from 5 – 6 pm on October 4. Please follow the poster design requirements to prepare your posters.


Poster design, requirements and information 

Symposium organizers will provide a poster board for each author presentation. Posters must be mounted by 9 am on Sunday, October 4, 2020.

The poster dimensions should be 36’ H x 40’ W (horizontal orientation) printed on professional poster paper.

Poster competition will be evaluated by judges; three winners will receive engraved plaques at the conference.


  • Poster heading shall include the title of the presentation and the list of authors. Letters in the title shall be at least with a font size of 44. The contents shall include: Abstract, Approach, Significance, Materials, Methods or Processes, Results and Conclusions. Proper acknowledgement is required.
  • The material shall be well labeled and legible from a distance of 2 yards. Avoid use of fancy fonts. Use upper and lowercase letters. Simple serif fonts such as “Times New Roman” are easier to read than sans (without) serif fonts such as “Arial”.