SNO Industrial Membership Program

Industrial Participation

SNO's mission is to provide a professional platform for all stakeholders involved in nanotechnology – industry, academia and policy makers- in order to discover new knowledge and pave the way towards sustainability for the world and the industry. SNO is committed to facilitating a broad collaboration between industry and other stakeholders. To this end, SNO invites nanotechnology related industries to participate in the development of the organization and its multifaceted activities. Activities include among others, annual conferences, training workshops, and educational outreach activities for the lay public.

Industrial Membership

SNO intends to establish permanent relationships with industrial partners. Our strategy is to engage a broad spectrum of industries involved in all aspects of nanotechnology and to utilize financial resources from industrial membership fees to help bridge the gap between applications and environmental implications of and nanotechnology as it pertains to sustainability.
There is a sliding scale of annual fees geared to large, medium and small-scale Industries that is summarized in the table below. The fees are minimal at the onset to encourage participation by industrial founding members. The industrial members can also contribute in-kind toward specific SNO education and educational outreach activities and student scholarships.

Industrial Member Annual Fees:

Members Annual Revenue Annual Membership Fee Membership Level
<$1M (startups) $2000 Copper
$1M-$100M $5000 Silver
$100M-$500M   $10,000 Gold
>$500M $15,000 Platinum


Industrial members will have the following benefits:

Participation on Industrial Advisory Board: Representatives from member industries will participate within an Industrial Advisory Board (IAB). The IAB will meet once a year during the Annual SNO Conference and will elect a chairman and one member to participate in the SNO Council which is in charge of formulating SNO's agenda and activities. Industry participation will ensure that there is strong linkage between all stakeholders involved. The IAB will also provide advice on scientific gaps, aid in programming, and identify areas for cooperation between SNO and industry.

Annual Conference:The SNO conference takes place annually. Industrial members will be invited to participate. Members will be listed on all Conference material including the conference website and program.  Industrial members are entitled to one complimentary registration to the SNO conference for each $2K of membership fee and display space as available.

Website Recognition:Industrial members will be recognized as industrial members and listed on the SNO website. In the future, there will be a portion of the website dedicated to industrial members containing information about the latest research, events, and video and publication archives.

Research Monitoring:Throughout the year SNO will provide members with various ways to keep informed with latest research, policy and other related matters. This may include the SNO newsletter, seminars, talks, and virtual meetings organized in collaboration with participating academic and nanotechnology research centers. SNO will facilitate research collaborations between industry and academic centers. SNO intends to support representatives on various nanotechnology standards bodies and report back on their activities.

Training: Industrial members may also be offered short training courses on an as needed basis for individual projects on sustainable nanotechnology and environmental health and safety matters.

SNO Graduate Student Recruiting: SNO will facilitate events at the Annual Meeting during which Industry members will have access to soon-to-be-graduating students to facilitate recruiting. We will work with our member Industries to facilitate recruiting activities throughout the year, including advertising job announcements; and other student -targeted networking events.

For further information contact the industrial liaison.