2D Nanomaterials for Human Health and the Environment

An interdisciplinary workshop on the bio/environmental applications and implications of new sheet-like nanomaterials, and their relation to fundamental material structures and properties

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 – San Diego, California



Dr. Hongda ChenMichael Strano
Dr. Strano is a Professor at MIT. He is an expert on the synthesis and characterization of exfoliated 2D material nanosheets, which are a type of 2D materials processed in respirable powder form and used in biological and environmental applications. He is an inspirational speaker and will cover new methods of 2D material characterization for biological studies, and selected health applications.

Dr. Hongda ChenDebora Rodrigues
Dr. Rodrigues is a Professor at the University of Houston. The central theme of her research is water quality and sustainability with focus on investigation of the effects of nanomaterials on the environment through application of molecular biology and nanotoxicological tools, and and development of new nanotechnologies to remove unwanted contaminants. She will speak implications of 2D materials specifically microbial interactions with graphene materials

Dr. Hongda ChenBaoxia Mi
Dr. Mi  is a Professor at University of California, Berkeley . She is the author of a 2014 Science perspective article entitled “Graphene oxide membranes for ionic and molecular sieving”. Her more recent work has been extended to include the broader set of 2D materials “beyond graphene,” and at the workshop she will speak about environmental applications of 2D

Dr. Hongda ChenMark Hersam
Dr. Hersam is a Professor at Northwestern University. His research interests include nanomaterials, nanomanufacturing, scanning probe microscopy, nanoelectronic devices, and renewable energy. Dr. Hersam has founded two companies, NanoIntegris and Volexion, which are commercial suppliers of nanoelectronic and battery materials, respectively. Dr. Hersam is a Fellow of MRS, AVS, APS, AAAS, SPIE, and IEEE, and also an Associate Editor of ACS Nano

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