Sunday, November 5, 2017
9:00 Welcome Conference Organizers
9:15 Plenary I  Mike Roco
10:30 Plenary II  Pedro Alvarez
11:15 Plenary III  Charles Geraci
1A Tribute to Pedro Alvarez I  
1:00 Sources of Nanomaterials in Drinking Water Systems Paul Westerhoff
1:20 The Small Future of Urban Water Systems David Sedlak
1:40 Challenges of Environmental Nanotechnolgy Kaegi Ralf
2:00 Towards Living Nanoscale Sorbents: Using Microbes and Nanomaterials for Highly Specific Arsenic Removal from Diverse Waters Vicki L Colvin
2:20 Characterizing Heteroaggregation between carboxylated multi-walled carbon nanotubes and kaolinite using flow cytometry Qilin Li
2:40 Catalytic Effects of Carbon Nanomaterials in Abiotic Transformation of Organic Contaminants Wei Chen
3:00 Break  
2A Education I  
3:30 Elucidating the Mechanisms of Bacterial Toxicity Exerted by CuO Nanoparticles using Time-resolved Metagenomics Gregory V Lowry
3:50 In situ Measurements of pH-Dependent Surface Chemistry of Biologically and Environmentally Relevant Ligands on Metal Oxide Nanoparticles Vicki Grassian
4:10 Fullerene: From Environmental Implication to Disinfection Application Jaehong Kim
4:30 Nanoparticle Concepts for Detecting and Removing Oxyanions  Mike Wong
4:50 Precise determination of silver isotopic composition of silver nanoparticles in environment by MC-ICP-MS Dawei LU
5:10 Environmental Photochemistry of Commercial Cadmium Pigments Xiaolei Qu
5:30 Resilience of Nitrogen-Cycling Bacteria to Copper Nanoparticles Shaily Mahendra
1B Tribute to Pedro Alvarez II  
1:00 Introduction  Navid Saleh
1:10 Nanoeducation On Many Levels: Case Studies Spanning Informal Science Education to Undergraduate Research to Graduate Studies Vicki Grassian
1:40 A Nano-Enabled Water Treatment Laboratory To Teach Earth Sciences And Chemistry Through Nanotechnology Francois Perreault
2:00 Nano Tools Course at the University of Rhode Island Vinka Craver
2:20 Managing Expectations for Graduate Students Involved in Nano-Related Sustainability Research David Jassby
2:40 Vault Nanoparticles for Water Treatment: Experimental and Educational Approaches Meng Wang
3:00 Break  
2B Education II  
3:30 Increasing the Reach of Nanotechnology and Sustainability Content in Multiple Educational Environments Deb Newberry
3:50 Nanomaterials and the Safer-By-Design approach for the next generation: Economic and regulation issues with the case of Amipaint. Camille de Garidel-Thoron
4:10 Parma Nano-Day: An International school for young researchers in "nano" Elena Maestri
4:30 Sustainable Nanotechnology as a Platform for Interdisciplinary and Holistic Graduate Education Matthew Chan
4:50 Case Study on Nano-education Course Development:  Sustainable Material Applications and Reuse in Treatment (SMART) of Water and Environment Indranil Chowdhury
5:30 An Active Learning Based Theory and Laboratory Course for Nano Education Navid B. saleh
3A Fate & Exposure I  
1:00 PM Overview Joel Pedersen
1:30 PM Engineered nanomaterials in the context of global element cycles Desiree Plata
1:50 PM Modeled Engineered Nanomaterial (CeO2, SiO2, Ag) Releases and Concentrations in Germany Michael Steinfeldt
2:10 PM Modeling Bioaccumulation of Engineered Nanomaterials in a Freshwater Ecosystem Kendra Garner
2:30 PM Exposure estimation of airborne particle release from nanostructured materials by propagation modelling Michael Stintz
3:00 PM Break  
3B Fate & Exposure II  
3:30 Fate and transformation of graphene oxide in marine systems Adeyemi Adeleye
3:50 End-of-life heavy metal release from photovoltaic and quantum dot enabled panels Kiril D. Hristovski
4:10 Aggregation Behavior of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube-Titanium Dioxide Nanohybrids: Role of Titanium Dioxide Loading Navid B. Saleh
4:30 Effects of environmental parameters on the protein corona of TiO2 nanoparticles in the presence of natural organic matter Junyeol Kim
4:50 Modeling Indoor Occupational Air Emissions of Nanomaterials for Life-Cycle Assessment Arturo Keller
5:10 Continuous application of engineered nanomaterials and their gravity-driven transport in natural soil Cruz Ortiz
5:30 Fate and organismal uptake of  elongated gold nanoparticles in aquatic environments Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Abtahi